[SoC] Ossimplanet integration with Grass and Qgis - status report #3

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Fri Jun 12 11:07:22 EDT 2009

Little notes :

Restored my OS,

for grass on osx i'm using version 6.4
(the 7 can works, but some time the build fais, so to have a more  
stable development
i'm switching to 6,4 binary version, so it is more easy for osx user  
to test the code)

on linux i'using grass7 (there are difference in the module import for  
grass, so i'll use "try: except"
to get the code running for grss 6.4 and 7)

Coded :

fixed the polygons exporte to kml so now hole in polygons hare andled
firex some gui behavioure .. a window too much big, so i done a recode  
of the gui code

- preparing a different web-map widjet, based on ka-map2
  this can give some enanchement like :
  - ability to crteate a mapfile on the fly, generated reading the  
grass mapset layers
  - better refresh of gps signal

- done a report about the grass-raster rendering, this tasks will be  
faced the next week,
  i have exam on 16 june so the incoming week my Soc works will be  
  (i hope all goes well) then i'm planning to go to bolsena meeting  
where i'll spend
   a full dept week to code.

here some screenshoot  of the gui (yet prototipe) :


for who is intersted in testing, debug :

-  notes about the installation of the needed software can be etracted  
from :


done a virtual machine with needed sw,
but my ftp reject it :-(
so i don't know where to upload it
(this is for who is intersted in testing purpose, but has problems /  
or do not want touch his system)

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