[SoC] Web Map Tiles for uDig, 3rd week report

Tobias Sauerwein to.srwn at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 16:55:00 EDT 2009


1) What did I get done this week?
This week I added a possibility to manually set the zoom-level in which 
the tiles will be fetched. This will be useful if the user wants to 
print out maps for which a higher quality is needed. The zoom-level can 
be set on a separate layer property page I added. First I had the 
problem that this property page was shown for every layer, not only for 
the layers which display the tiles. But Eclipse RCP does offer some 
powerful options to check which extension points should be enabled in 
the plugin.
Beside that I did continue my work on the cache. Now my renderer also 
uses the WMS-C disk-cache.

2) What do I plan on doing next week?
Together with Jesse I am still working on how the tool/command to zoom 
to the fixed zoom-levels can look like. It could either be displayed in 
a toolbar or in an extra window.

I will also have to review the cache part of my code to see which 
changes will have to be made in the WMS-C plugin so that there is no 
duplicate code.

3) Are there any blocking issues?

Have a nice weekend,

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