[SoC] Week #3 - Client/Server implementation

Cristian Martín Reinhold christian.reinhold at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 05:26:14 EDT 2009

   This week, I have been facing gvSIG installation of some other modules
   so that the symbology extension works, and modified the existing gui
   in order to incorporate remote symbology retrieval at the symbology
   panel, as well as to get fammiliar with gvSIG. Moreover, after the
   weekly meeting with the mentor, some changes have been made in order
   to incorporate the new service functions that we came up that day.

   More info can be found at:
       - https://confluence.prodevelop.es/display/WSS/Home

   About the web service:
      - https://confluence.prodevelop.es/display/WSS/REST+Web+Service+Structure

   About the development process
      - https://confluence.prodevelop.es/display/WSS/Design%2C+development+and+Releases

   About the meetings:
     - https://confluence.prodevelop.es/display/WSS/Meetings


   Christian Reinhold

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