[SoC] H2-OpenJUMP integration

Christopher infinityedge at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 16 15:08:50 EDT 2009

Sorry for the belated week's wrap up, I was away from internet access for the last couple of days while diving for abalone.

This week I banged my head against silly compilation and linking errors (lots of class not found errors that were a pain to track down and fix), but I think I got that under control. I also wrote the rough draft of a tutorial for writing drivers for OpenJUMP (http://www.openjump.org/wiki/show/Driver+Tutorial+Rough+Draft). 

This week, now that I got most of the bugs ironed out of my basic h2 driver, I'll start heavy testing and hopefully be able to start expanding my code base to make use of the full feature set H2 provides. If things go smoother than they have been, I might even begin working on the OpenJUMP side of things and create a framework for read/write DataStores.



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