[SoC] Netcdf for uDig - status report #5

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Thu Jun 25 17:03:06 EDT 2009

Hi Andrea!

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 11:14, andrea
antonello<andrea.antonello at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since tomorrow I won't be available, I put my weekly report as usual
> at the following link:
> http://jgrass.wiki.software.bz.it/jgrass/weekly_reports
> Finally some screenshots to color up my reports and help my self esteem. :)

Thanks for the report. I really like those vector arrows for
directional data. :) How hard would it be to modify it to show wind
data with different icons depending on the magnitude?

The idea would be to create maps like this:

Where one would typically also want to display temperature or water
depth instead of wind magnitude as the raster map.



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