[SoC] Personnal info in application form

Jean-Denis Giguere jdenisgiguere at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 14:11:35 EDT 2010


Student proposals are hosted on the Google Open source Programs
Application Server at http://socghop.appspot.com/ .

When students (like me :-) ) submit a proposal, they could make it
publicly available. I think it is a good thing to make the application
publicly available for different philosophical and pratical reasons.
Publicly available poposals are more likely to be read. They are
avaiable for people interesting by the project without being involve
as mentor.

The osgeo application form require student phone number. If the
application form is public, this information is public. I'm not sure
that giving my private phone number on a publicly available site is a
very good privacy practice... ;-)

Do I see privacy concerns where they don't exist?

Could we consider another way to give this information to the osgeo?


Jean-Denis :-)

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