[SoC] GSoC- Application Privacy and a Question

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Mon Apr 5 23:41:00 EDT 2010

Hi Catherine,

I think you can submit more than one student proposal, and as long as they
are all in "OSGeo" we will also be able to manage that you won't get two
projects ;-)

In my opinion it's not bad idea to submit more than one idea, if it's not
too much work for you to write two proposals.

Best regards,

2010/4/6 Catherine Liu <liu.ying.cathy at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> I think we (as students) can use the GSoC website to edit student profile
> and send our application to OSGeo directly. Here is the website I am using:
> http://socghop.appspot.com/gsoc/student_proposal/list_orgs/google/gsoc2010.
> The condition is that you have to create your student profile first. Then
> select "submit your student proposal" and wait for the list of all the
> organizations. Once we click on a specific organization (say OSGeo), we will
> be able to edit your proposal, which can be directly sent to the
> organization (Correct me if I am wrong here). Also you can choose whether or
> not you want your proposal to be exposed to public by checking the box of
> "make public", which I think it is a friendly way to give students' own
> right to choose his/her privacy exposture.
> However, I do have another question about the application for OSGeo. I have
> two interests for the projects in pgRouting. One is the "Add time
> constraints" (dynamic routing) and the other is my own idea of combinition
> of TSP and special time requirements by the user. Is it better I include
> both of the ideas in my application or do reviewers prefer only ONE project
> idea?
> Thanks,
> Catherine Liu
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