[SoC] Neo4j in uDIG and GeoServer

Craig Taverner craig at amanzi.com
Wed Apr 7 07:28:59 EDT 2010


I'm in discussions with a couple of students interested in the
uDIG-Geotools-Neo4j integration project, and one of them is much more of a
GeoServer/Geotools developer and therefore interested in applying for a
project on that stack. I personally would love to see both stacks developed
(both uDIG and GeoServer), and so I'm fully in support of student
applications for this, and am willing to mentor both.

However, I have no experience with GeoServer, and my Geotools experience
comes exclusively through my uDIG experience, which is why I originally
proposed only the uDIG stack for GSoC. The student in question is less
concerned about this, since he has Geoserver experience and is relying
primarily on my Neo4j expertise and general GIS experience for mentoring

I would like to know what the OSGeo position is on this. Can I mentor the
GeoServer-Neo4j project, or should there be another mentor assigned, or
should there be a co-mentor assigned?

Regards, Craig
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