[SoC] GSoC and GeoTools

Sunburned Surveyor sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 10:30:14 EDT 2010


I'm geussing we can find you a mentor from Geotools. It is a
supportive programming community. I suggest you bounce an e-mail to
the Geotools list and if you get a positive response you put together
an application.

You'll have to hurry.


2010/4/7 David Abdurachmanov <cybaslt at hotmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I am very interested in doing some improvements on Geotools. Already one of
> my suggestions was accepted in new realease (2.6.4) and will be implemented
> by one of the members. But there is a lot more areas that could be improved.
> Like implementing DragLine, DragMultiLine, more behavior options for MapPane
> and MapLayerTable. Actually I would be like reengineering several classes
> from zero. Same base functionality, but more flexible.
> There are two more days left, question is could I apply for this as OSGeo
> project? I don't see any Geotools Ideas Page for 2010, but still it's listed
> on IRC channels.
> Thanks for the information,
> David
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