[SoC] Next steps (long but VERY important)

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Fri Apr 9 17:59:45 EDT 2010

GSoC 2010 is on!

The student application period closed 2 hours ago. We ended up with 56
applications in all, very nice. It is about the same as last year,
though I feel the applications are of a better over all quality. At
least there was much talk about them, which is always a good sign.

So what happens next?

If you are a student, please subscribe to your proposals and answer
any questions mentors post. You can no longer edit the application,
but you can write comments ,and "fix" your application that way.

If you are a mentor, you have more to do. First off, if an application
is something you could mentor, please press the "I am willing to
mentor this student button", and add a private  comment, if you think
you should only be a backup mentor. Second you should be reading and
reviewing applications. Please try to comment all applications, and if
you feel like it you can give it a score. Third each project mentors
should somehow agree on a project specific ranking, and send an email
to the admins about your preferred order. There are many ways to do it
and OSGeo will not interfere, but one way could be to involve the PSC
of your project and have them select, or you can vote amongst your
selves (note that there are students on this list, so, it wouldn't be
appropriate to use this list). The ranking has to be done by the end
of Friday, April 16th, your local time. Yes the Google deadline is the
18th, but the admins will need to re-adjust the rankings of all
projects and might need to do some adjustments. Please don't be late.
Or else we'll use random ordering. Okay that is it for you mentors for
now. Thank you for your co-operation, and have fun evaluating the

The admins will start going through the list of applications tomorrow,
marking spam [I don't think we got any] (if you see an applications
trying to sell v1agra or any such stuff, don't hesitate to press the
"mark ineligible" button), and assigning mentors. If there are many,
we'll have to make a selection and will probably select the mentor who
has commented most, if we don't have anything else to go by. Don't
worry this can be changed, in case we pick wrong send me a note or
leave a comment, and we'll fix it. Remember, we are here to help you
in case you are having problems with anything, or have questions. Also
we might be commenting on student applications, if there is something
we find unclear ;)

Happy reading everyone,
Wolf Bergenheim
OSGeo GSoC 2010 Administrator

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