[SoC] Google Summer of Code 2011 begins! Notes for students, mentors and non accepted students

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 04:05:58 EDT 2011

Hi all!

Congratulations to the 21 accepted students [1]! Now it’s time to get in
contact with the mentors and the whole community. It is a very important
phase of SoC, as good communication in the following month allows an
effective start of coding. 

Some advice for students:
Don’t worry if you are not fully committed to your project right now due
to exams, just state it clearly to your mentor. In past years, it has
often been a good idea to anticipate the upcoming coding and concentrate
on your exams now, then resume SoC. Just let your mentor know your
plans! Please have a look at the GSoC students’ guide [2], it’s written
by past students and is full of good advice!

Contact the student and introduce him/her to the community. It is
important that the student feels part of it, and refers to it, and not
only to you, for questions. If you haven’t already read the GSoC
mentors’ guide [3], you should do that now. First-time mentors can of
course ask advice to veterans.

Non accepted students:
Relax! While you haven’t been selected for Google Summer of Code this
time, you haven’t been rejected from open source development - the rules
of SoC are in some cases different from the more general open source
world. You are welcome to ask why your project has not been accepted,
and if you’d like to see it done anyway, work on it at your own pace
during the summer or beyond. Talk to your prof, maybe you can work on it
over the summer as independent study to get university credit? There is
also some guidance for you in the GSoC students’ guide [4].

Some more administrivia is to come in the following days, stay tuned!

OSGeo SoC Administrator

[1] http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/projects/list/google/gsoc2011 -
filter by Organisation
[2] http://www.booki.cc/gsocstudentguide/
[3] http://www.booki.cc/gsoc-mentoring/
[4] http://www.booki.cc/gsocstudentguide/_v/1.0/being-turned-down/
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