[SoC] GSoC weekly report 7 (Astronomical Image Processing plug-in for Opticks)

Yiwei Zhang zhangyiwei79 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 13:18:16 EDT 2011

I took a trip to the Netherlands attending an international conference
(Summer Simulation Multiconference 2011) this week, so there is no update
for the project this time. I shall work on deconvolution algorithm for image
enhancement next week

And I forgot to post the weekly report on SoC for last week. I only posted
on Opticks forum. Here is the report of last week

I finish the implementation of two kinds of local non-linear sharpeners for
image enhancement. I create a parameter dialog for user to select the filter
to use, the extreme value operator or local adaptive sharpening operator.
Also the user can select the window size to apply the filter. The contrast
value is used for modify the contrast effect of local adaptive sharpening.
The larger the value, the larger the contrast.

Also I have tried to test these two methods with astronomical images like
spiral galaxy M101 and Jupiter.

The details of the report can be found at:
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