[SoC] Re: GSoC 2011 Weekly report - OSM data mining and editing capabilities in uDig and Geotools

Mirco Franzago mircofranzago at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 22:34:39 EDT 2011

== Weekly report==

Hi all,
last week we started the task of adding catalog commands for configuring
dynamic layers on OSM datasets. I completed that task, so now from a neo4j
catalog in udig, we can list all spatial layers found in a neo4j-spatial
database, and we have the complete sets of commands to add/edit/remove
dynamic layers from the spatial layers found. It's possible to create new
dynamic layer based on a query CQL, or using a comma-separated value=key
pairs to add dynamic layers to OSM layers. For the next week the task will
be to write a new renderer for the OSM graph model.

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