[SoC] Fwd: [Announce] 2011 GSoC Mentor Midterm Evaluations 11 July - 15 July

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Sun Jul 10 09:13:31 EDT 2011

Greetings Mentors,

This is your first reminder of the upcoming mid-term evaluations below you
can read the instructions to the midterm evaluations which start on Monday.

I will send another reminder personally to those of you who haven't filled
in the evaluation by wednesday evening, please spare me the trouble and fill
it in on time. If you know that you are unable to fill it in on time please
send a not to me and Anne, and we will be able to do it for you. If you can
have a look at the questions, we can fill in the questions the way you like,
otherwise it will be more or less random, and based on our impressions.

Best Regards,
Wolf Bergenheim
OSGeo GSoC Administrator

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Date: Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 08:04
Subject: [Announce] 2011 GSoC Mentor Midterm Evaluations 11 July - 15 July
To: Google Summer of Code Mentors List <
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Hi GSoC 2011 Mentors and Org Admins,

Per the program timeline [0], starting next week you will will be able to
submit an evaluation of your student(s)' progress on their projects
thus far. Here's some important info on midterm evaluations for those
not familiar:

Midterm evaluations are done via Melange [1]. Starting at 19:00 UTC on 11
July you will be able to submit an evaluation for your student(s).You can
find the evaluation links on your dashboard under 'Evaluations', one for
each student you are a mentor (or co-mentor) for. If you are curious about
who can see evaluations after they are submitted, please check out the FAQ
on Evaluations [2]. I have also pre-published the evaluation questions below
in this email so you can prepare.  The deadline is 19:00 UTC on 15 July.

You may not submit your evaluation before or after the evaluation
window. Please ask your org admin to submit your evaluation for you if
you absolutely cannot submit yours during the time allotted. Primary
mentors, co-mentors, and org admins may submit evaluations of their

You must submit an evaluation for every student you are the primary
mentor for this year. We want an evaluation on file for every student. You
must fill out the entire survey in one session as there's no auto-save in
Melange yet. You may submit, modify, and resubmit an evaluation as many
times as you choose up until the deadline.

**Students must have an evaluation on file from both themselves *and*
their mentors in order to receive their midterm payments.** Please be
mindful of this and submit your evaluations on time so your students'
payments are not delayed.

You might find the FLOSS manual on GSoC evaluations [3] helpful as
well. There's some excellent wisdom in there from your fellow mentors and
org admins on the evaluation process. In fact, why not read the whole
thing? IMHO it's quite a useful manual on being a GSoC mentor.

Please let me know directly if you have questions or concerns.

[0] - http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/events/google/gsoc2011
[1] - http://google-melange.com
[2] -
[3] - http://www.booki.cc/gsoc-mentoring/evaluations/



   1. How many years have you been a mentor for Google Summer of Code (Total
   - this doesn’t have to be consecutive)?
      1. This is my first year
      2. 2-3 years
      3. More than 3 years
   2. At what point did you first make contact with your student?
      1. Before the program was announced
      2. After my organization was selected to participate in Google Summer
      of Code
      3. During the student application/acceptance phase of the program
      4. During the community bonding period
      5. After the start of coding
   3. How often do you and your student interact?
      1. Daily
      2. Every few days
      3. Weekly
      4. Every few weeks
      5. Monthly
   4.  How do you communicate with your student? (Check all that apply)
      1. Voice (phone, Skype, etc.)
      2. IM/IRC
      3. Private emails
      4. Mailing Lists
      5. Student blog updates
      6. In-person meeting(s)
   5. Of the communication methods listed above, which do you use most
   6. How much time do you spend on Google Summer of Code per week (take
   into consideration your interactions with your student as well as time
   working with your org and on your own).
      1. 1-5 hours
      2. 5-10 hours
      3. 10-15 hours
      4. 15-20 hours
      5. More than 20 hours per week
   7. How many time zones apart from your student are you?
      1. Less than 3
      2. 3-6
      3. More than 6
   8. How often do you require status updates from your student?
      1. Daily
      2. Every few days
      3. Weekly
      4. Only when explicitly asked for by me
   9. Please rate the quality of your interactions and communications with
   the student (consider his/her communication with you as well as your
      1. Very Good (Student is regularly responsive and the quality of
      communication is high)
      2. Good (Student is somewhat responsive and the quality of
      communication is ok)
      3. Bad (Student is only somewhat or not at all responsive and the
      quality of communication is low)
   10. Please rate the quality of the student’s interactions with your
   organization and community.
      1. Very Good (Student is regularly responsive and the quality of
      communication is high)
      2. Good (Student is somewhat responsive and the quality of
      communication is ok)
      3. Bad (Student is only somewhat or not at all responsive and the
      quality of communication is low)
   11. Is your student on track to complete his/her project?
      1. The student has already completed his/her project
      2. He/she is ahead of schedule
      3. He/she is on schedule
      4. He/she is behind schedule
   12. Please rate the quality of code/work the student has produced thus
      1. Amongst the best people I’ve ever worked with
      2. Solid-quality performance
      3. Good performance
      4. Mediocre performance
      5. Disappointing or not performing at all
   13. Give an example of a very good or very bad interaction you had with
   your student.
   14. What one thing could you do to improve the quality of interaction and
   communications with your student?
   15. Anything else you’d like to tell us or suggestions on how we could
   improve the program?
   16. For the midterm evaluation, should this student pass or fail?
      1. Pass
      2. Fail

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