[SoC] Weekly Report 8: PyOSSIM Project

Vipul Raheja vipul.iiith at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 14:15:53 EDT 2011


I have updated the project page for this week. Following are the details:
*Work Done*

   - Filled in the Mid-Term Evaluation on Melange.
   - Coded additional swig-wrapper interface classes for the OSSIM base and
   projection modules. This completed the coding of some basic classes of
   the library.
   - Compiled and tested the base and projection interface wrappers coded
   earlier by importing the pyossim module from a Python console and calling
   different functions of respective classes. The porting has been giving
   smooth results, much like the earlier init and imaging modules.
   - Also, I coded some interface wrappers for elevation and font modules.
   Compilation and individual testing also done.
   - Code has been committed to  GitHub

*Problems Faced*

   - No major blocking issues.

*Work to be done in Week 9*

   - Work on the packaging of the PyOSSIM API in a Python module, i.e.
   creating a single .so library out of all the compiled ones.
   - Work on creating a test-suite for easy usage of the wrapped library, as
   well as for the binding testing.

Thanks and Regards,
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