[SoC] GSoC weekly report 10 (Astronomical image processing plugin for Opticks)

Yiwei Zhang zhangyiwei79 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 12:40:12 EDT 2011

Hi, all

In this week, I begin to implement the function for star brightness

To measure the brightness of a star, we need to determine the aperture and
outer radius. We automatically calculate the radius based on the mean value
fluctuation. Once the radius are computed, we can calculate the brightness
of the star and the background sky.

Currently I implement an interface that displays current image. The user can
select a certain star in the image. When the user selects a star, the inner
radius and outer radius will be automatically computed as stated above and
shown around the star. The values of the aperture and sky radius are also
shown in the dialog and the user can manually modify them. Once they are
modified, the new radius will be automatically shown around the star. The x,
y coordinates of the star will also be shown on the right of the dialog

Detailed report can be found at:

Next week I am going to finish the implementation of star brightness
measurement. Complete the calculation for background sky brightness and
subtract then from the aperture to get final star brightness. Add functions
to automatically modify the center of the star. And functions to compute
both single star brightness measurement and relative brightness measurement
for two stars
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