[SoC] Integration of GGL2 into gvSIG - Weekly report

Víctor González victorzinho at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 04:25:34 EDT 2011


I just updated the wiki with the weekly report. You can find all the info

   - *What have I done?*
      - *Write tests for the developed wrappers*: I have created some tests
      for the developed wrappers. These tests cover basic
functionality, but they
      allowed me to find and solve several bugs in the new components.
Moreover, a
      few other bugs in the gvSIG library fmap has been found and reported via
   - *What am I going to do now?*
      - *Finish developing wrappers and tests*: There is still some work to
      do with wrappers. More wrappers and tests should be developed easily now
      that the infrastructure has been created.
      - *Create developer documentation*: We have to create some
      documentation so new developers will know how to develop a new
wrapper for
      gvSIG in the future.
   - *Any blocking issue?* No

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