[SoC] Geoserver proposal accepted?

Michal Kepka Michal.Kepka at seznam.cz
Wed Apr 4 10:26:33 EDT 2012

Hello all.
First of all, I'm sorry for asking so late. 
I have looked at list of participating projects on main GSoC Ideas wiki page, but I have not seen GeoServer Ideas page. My question is, could be sent proposals for Geoserver this year? Will be a mentor for Geoserver?
I have an idea of proposal for hierarchical spatial data vizualization, that could be published from database through Geoserver in form of KML and loaded dynamically by using KML's NetworkLink mechanism. Amount of loaded data would be depended on scale, window extent, eye altitude, etc.
I am a PhD student of Geomatics and topic of my studies is storing, managing and vizualization of large spatial data (e.g. laser scan  or sensor data).
Thank you for any answer.

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