[SoC] [udig-devel] Porting discontinued Axios Spatial Tools into uDig core 1.3 - weekly report #6

Mauricio Pazos mauricio.pazos at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 03:32:02 PDT 2012

On Friday, June 29, 2012 05:40:10 PM Marco Foi wrote:
> Hi folks.
> This week was better than the last.. ..but still not 'rocking'!.
> What did I do this week?
> Did some discoveries on how to recover/undo things with Git: seems it
> is a lot wider topic than I thought!
> Sopped unveiling the secrets of the uDig UI lifecylce: it was too
> painful to use a lot of time and make so little progress.
> Made a first working (!) porting of the ArcTool and started merging it
> with all convenience classes already available in eu.udig.tools: quite
> promising and exciting.
Good, It looks like you are making progress.
Tip: to be sure that the refactoring task is right. If the axios tools have a 
test case, you could port first the junit test then refactor the tool and 
execute the test to be sure that you are not lost any thing.  It the tool 
hasn't got a test you could provide one. 
You will find some test in plugins/eu.udig.tools.tests
> What will I be working on next week?
> Complete the task of merging ArcTool inside the eu.udig.tools plug-in.
> Some more studying user-UI interaction in uDig with the aim of fixing
> one of the bugs of the MergeTool (merging through an Operation working
> on features selected with the plain box selection tool).
You should offer yourself as volunteer to make this task (or subtask).
Jody could offer some help about the requirements. Please, send an email to the 
email list to offer your help for this task (then update the UDIG-1911 to "in 
> Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?
> Yes.. ..same as the last week's one: could not find a way to open by
> code the MergeView.java.
> Some (other) suggestions from the community were tested but without
> luck. Tough there is still hope: use a callback in MergeView (thanks
> Mauricio!). A bit frightening (I hope not to break the working code)
> but I will give it a try.
You could create a branch for the new version of "Merge"  then you can hack 
without worries about your main task. I you found a good solution then back to 
tour master merging the new features. 
> Thank you,
> Marco Foi
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Mauricio Pazos

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