[SoC] Porting discontinued Axios Spatial Tools into uDig core 1.3 - weekly report #7

Marco Foi gsoc at mcfoi.it
Fri Jul 6 09:28:38 PDT 2012

Hi folks.

This week the best from the start of GSoC.

What did I do this week?

Complete the porting of a couple of tools into eu.udig.tools plug-in:
ArcTool and ParallelTool
Did some major re-packaging of the whole eu.udig.tools plug-in to try to
remove redundant code
Ported JUnit test and run them successfully on  ArcTool and ParallelTool
Managed the formidable "git reset" command to recover from mistakes

What will I be working on next week?

Go back to coding and start doing some bugfixing on MargeTool (who was left
open a couple of weeks ago)
Study the architecture of editing tools for reducing fixing-time in future

Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?

No.. ..this week was unexpectedly "easy"!

Thank you,
Marco Foi
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