[SoC] OSM and Neo4j in uDig - GSoC Report, Week 7

Carol Hansen carolbhansen at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 08:02:45 PDT 2012

Hello everyone,

*What did I do this week?*

   - Making progress on the OSM Routing Importer:
   - Debugged my second parsing method. All node information is
   successfully set.
   - Read up on Traversing in Neo4j, and trying to Traverse the imported
   graph in order to add distance between nodes...still struggling a bit with
   - Added WayID property between nodes.

*What will I be working on next week?*

   - Finish up OSM Importer
   - Start integrating Routing Algorithm

*Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?*

   - Taking longer than expected, and falling a bit behind schedule. I hope
   to have the core of the API finished and to start integrating the Routing
   Algorithms in Week 8.
   - Having a difficult time understanding the Traversal Framework API.
   Thank you to Peter and Mattias for their input/tips!

Thank you,
Carol Hansen
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