[SoC] Geoserver report #8

Michal Kepka Michal.Kepka at seznam.cz
Fri Jul 13 08:55:01 PDT 2012

 this week I made big progress - application in current state can be use as quick converter from SQL commands on spatial data to KML at this time.

What was done this week?
1. Web-app produces KML Placemarks according to given SQL command and BBOX in GE.
Client gives SQL command in HTTP GET method and web-app returns KML with Networklink, after client opens this KML in GoogleEarth SQL command is executed and several Placemarks are sent back to GE according to current BBOX. It does not depend on geometry type (point, line, polygon).
2. I had prepared the hierarchy of testing data.
3. I filled up mid-term evaluation.

What will be done next week?
1. Creating mechanism to select hierarchy level according to BBOX. - this is bigger task than I thought before.
2. Form for comfortably inserting client's SQL commands.


This report and source code can you find on Google Code pages:


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