[SoC] Symbology Improvements in QGIS - Weekly Report 7

aruntheguy at gmail.com aruntheguy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 01:33:25 PDT 2012

Hello all,

What I did this week?

I worked on the bugs and enhancements list given to me after reviewing
my work. I fixed a number of unfinished things in the Style manager.
Fixed the functioning of the buttons, added context menu for
complement Group Creation and deletion. Removed excess space and
labels in the Symbol Selector and made it more decent looking. Removed
the legacy Symbol Properties Dialog completely.

What I plan to do next week?

With the tags now in place and the functionality bugs fixed, I plan to
work on the creation of smart groups this week. Smart groups would be
a dynamic grouping of the symbols. By defining a query one can build
complex AND OR relational searches dynamically and display symbols

Trouble points?

None :)

Twitter: @tecoholic
Website: http://arunmozhi.in
IRC Nick: teco

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