[SoC] OSM and Neo4j in uDig - GSoC Report Week 2

Carol Hansen carolbhansen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 17:26:13 PDT 2012

*Weekly Report for my GSoC Project*
"Implementing route analysis of OSM data within uDig, using Neo4j-Spatial
graph database"

*== What did I do this week? ==*
* Successfully setup Neo4j-Spatial and imported OSM data and visualized the
data using Neoclipse
* Successfully parsed OSM xml file using StAX API and Neo4j for a new OSM
* Read about OSM tags, different XML parsing strategies, and started
research on Routing
* Discussed with my mentor the next steps

*== What will I be working on next week? ==*
* Setup wiki project page on uDig site
* Continue working on new OSM Importer and routing research
* Go through Neo4j Indexing tutorials and continue Chap 4 tutorials
* Continue going through design patters book (Factory)

*== Did I meet with any stumbling blocks? ==*

* Wrestled with setting up Neo4j within my workspace

Take care,
Carol H.
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