[SoC] QGIS Symbology Improvements - Weekly Report 3

aruntheguy at gmail.com aruntheguy at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 08:36:41 PDT 2012

Hello SOC Tem,

So it is officially 3rd week of GSoC and here is what I have been
doing all week.

<h3>What I did?</h3>
As planned last week, I successfully moved the symbology data from the
XML to the SQLite DB. Had considerable discussion with the mentors
regarding this issue and settled for a hybrid model of storing the
symbol as a XML inside DB, with DB acting the management layer to
manage the collection of symbols, their group and tag connections.
Then, I have moved to the GUI part as planned, redesigned the Style
Manager to accommodate the Groups and Tags in a QTreeView. As of today
I have done the "reading" part, i.e., the symbols are loaded from the
DB and are grouped and sortable based on the groups.

<h3>What I will do next week?</h3>
I hope to move to the "writing" part of the symbols. I would be
working on Creating new groups, manging groups, sucessfully saving the
groups and the symbols with relationships. I would also work on
implementing a search box that would help in easy sorting/filtering of
the symbols in the Style Manager.

<h3>Bottlenecks I faced</h3>
I had broken down the entire symbol structure into SQLite tables,
which proven to be very difficult to manage, construct symbols from it
and de-construct symbols into table rows. Hence I wasted a couple of
days doing something completely useless. Luckily the Mentors Martin
and Nathan corrected me and I was able to be back on track.

Twitter: @tecoholic
Website: http://arunmozhi.in
IRC Nick: teco

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