[SoC] Please send reports on time!

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 12:28:06 PDT 2012

Hello students,

I'm happy to see 10 reports on Saturday evening, a bit less happy to
see 12 reports still missing. It makes sense to finish coding on Friday
evening and send the report Saturday morning, so I don't want to be
extra picky on the Friday evening deadline.

Still, GSoC is a great occasion to learn how real world coding works,
and one of the most important achievements is respecting deadlines. The
report is in fact a deadline, but does not strictly require you to
produce code, so should be easier to meet.
It also teaches you the most difficult lesson for a programmer: don't
postpone work close to a deadline.

So please, try harder to respect weekly report deadline next time, and
for the rest of SoC. It's a matter of taking ~15 minutes of your time
and summarise what you worked on during the week. It also helps to
write the report incrementally during the week as you make significant
progress on your project.

Thanks, and I look forward to see all 3rd week reports posted to the

OSGeo GSoC Admin
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