[SoC] OSM and Neo4j in uDig - GSoC Report Week 3

Carol Hansen carolbhansen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 07:15:10 PDT 2012


I apologize for the late report.

*What did I do this week?*

   - Continued working on a new OSM Importer: Experimented with the
   relationship between OSM XML file attributes/tags and the StAX parsing API,
   in order to specifically concentrate on relevant "way" nodes for routing
   (still in progress)
   - Successfully uploaded/pushed my files to GitHub
   - Setup my uDig Wiki page:
   - Went over more design pattern concepts (Factory and Decorator) to help
   me more fully understand the StAX API

*What will I be working on next week?*

   - Continue working on new OSM Importer and routing research
   - Continue Neo4j Indexing tutorials and continue Chap 4 tutorials
   - Continue going through design patterns book as needed

*Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?*

   - Not sure why my parser test isn't printing out all the nodes/tags of
   the OSM XML file
   - My computer has been running very slow especially when using Eclipse.
   So I ordered more RAM to install. Hopefully this will solve the problem and
   save me more time.
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