[SoC] GSoC Weekly Report #4 - Solver for the TSP and VRP using gvSIG Desktop

David Pinheiro davidsantospinheiro at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 10:12:11 PDT 2012

*GSoC Weekly Report #4*

*== What did I do this week? ==*

- Worked on supporting an homogeneous fleet.

- Refactored eclipse’s workspace and the SVN structure for an independent
extVRP (kudos to my tutor, Fran Peñarrubia).

*== What will I be working on next week? ==*

- Support an heterogeneous fleet.

- Analyse the funtionalities of a proprietary similar product.

- Put the Genetic Algorithms tab working properly.

*== Did I meet with any stumbling blocks? ==*

Lack of time to finish my thesis.

This weekly report can be found in the blog
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