[SoC] QGIS Symbology Improvements - Weekly report 4

aruntheguy at gmail.com aruntheguy at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 09:01:04 PDT 2012

Hello all,

The fourth week of GSoC has passed and I think it has been one of the
amazing weeks. Made good stride at work.

<h3>What I did this week?</h3>

By Sunday, I had a long conversation with one of mentors. He explained
me about building a search functionality to the Style Manager I was
working on the past week. I made the symbol grouping and regrouping
possible. Working video here
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2eO14FJ0KY Still tagging and searching
are pending. But after a review of the proposal and the progress so
far, I had to concentrate on the Symbol Editor moving away from the
Style Manger. We have planned to built upon the Style Manger when we
find time along the GSoC period, or even after the official GSoC
period is over. Now I am currently working on the Symbol Properties
editor, trying to make it modal-less.

<h3>What I will be doing next Week?</h3>

I hope to finish the Modal-less Symbol properties editor this week,
with the Tree structure for symbol. This is one of the core areas of
the project and will give a great boost in usability.

<h3>Bottlenecks Encountered</h3>
Nothing of that sort. Had to meddle with a few approaches while
building the Symbol->SymbolLayer->Subsymbol.. tree, but working out
good. While doing things we discovered a few exciting cool things that
we could do and were building it. It is really good to have those
features in the software but, as the proposal doesn't contain it, I
had to consciously move away from there.

And I had to tell one thing. My Mentors are really amazing people.

And as always, my day to day activities can be seen at

P.S: The report is intentionally vague of not getting into details of
"cool things".

Twitter: @tecoholic
Website: http://arunmozhi.in
IRC Nick: teco

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