[SoC] Symbology Improvements in QGIS - Weekly Report 6

aruntheguy at gmail.com aruntheguy at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 20:07:24 PDT 2012

Hello all,

Here is my 6th week report. Sorry for the delay.

What I did this week?
As planned, I worked on the integration of the Symbol Editor and the
Symbol selector. Now it is all integrated into a single embeddable
dialog. This solves on of the biggest targets in my proposal. Then, made
a few tweaks to the UI as directed y my Mentors.

Then I returned back the Style Manager, where I was working on
previously, built a simple incremental search for filtering symbols.

What I will do next week?
I am planning to implement the tagging of symbols, and creating
smart-groups based on set parameters. This would be integrated with the
search functionality, which would make search more ..er sexier. :)

Troubles on the way?
Yeah, this week I have something to complain about Qt. There is some
issue with the Horizontal Scrolling and the single column tree, however
I change the parameters, I still wasn't able to get the look, feel and
the functionality required. This is something, bugging me. I hope I will
get to that later or take help from someone in the community :)

Twitter: @tecoholic
Website: http://arunmozhi.in
IRC Nick: teco

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