[SoC] soc mentor info

Clarke, Trevor tclarke at ball.com
Mon Apr 15 06:47:32 PDT 2013

Name: Trevor Clarke
Project: Opticks
Area of Interest: Remote sensing processing (hyperspectral and SAR),
automated video tracking

I've been an Opticks core developer for about 8 years and I'm an Opticks
governance board member. I've also done a bit of work with the zoo
project (on their Python integration and api). I've been a mentor for
Opticks for the last few years although last year I wasn't on the
official mentor list and acted as a backup for our official mentors. The
Opticks ideas page (http://opticks.org/confluence/x/DgAS) has more
information on projects I'm available to mentor.

Trevor R.H. Clarke
Software Engineer, Ball Aerospace

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