[SoC] [GRASS-dev] Weekly report #3 - GRASS Interactive Scatter Plot Tool

Pietro Zambelli peter.zamb at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 06:41:36 PDT 2013

Hi Štěpán,

On Sunday 07 Jul 2013 13:55:15 Štěpán Turek wrote:
> many thanks for big help. If I understand it correctly, the key, which will
> solve my issue, is the multiprocessing  module, which allows to define
> region just in this process without affecting the others (as it is in the
> modules). Thanks to that it will be possible to use raster library in the
> backend and get rid of files produced by r.out.bin.

yes, you can just run your command giving the right environment variables...

import subprocess as sub

sub.Popen(['grasscmd', 'option', etc.], env={dictionary with your variables})

I've used it in the pygrass.modules.grid to split the grass operations in 
independent processes running the same command in different mapsets with 
different regions. You can have a look here:


> [snip]
> Extending PyGRASS to provide access to the backend  is good idea. I will do
> so.

Please ask me if you have any doubts... I will be happy to help! :-)

Have a nice day!


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