[SoC] GSoC Weekly Report July 12th UTFGrid support for Mapserver

Francois Desjarlais fdesjarlais1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 11:10:55 PDT 2013

Reports #3 goes from July 5th to July 12th. First, my working example of
the UTFGrid is up to date. It now returns a fully functional UTFGrid which
returns the datas you choose in the mapfile. There will be a few changes
from here. I'll try to evaluate how much time I spend on every points in my
plan. This week I got a lot of work done. First, my mentor did a code
review with me. We went through my code and looked for mistakes, points he
wanted to change and he also gave me a lot of advices. With his advices, I
made my datas accessible for my driver. I also updated my working example
like I wrote higher. There wasn't a lot of difficulties this week. Most of
them were that I had to rework my code a bit and look for memory leaks. I
work on a Mac and switching my code on the Unix server also got me a few

   1. Get the UTF-8 encoding working. (half a day to a day of time)
   2. Fix my pan problem with Openlayer. (2-3 days of time)
   3. Change my driver and create my own simple instance of AGG using the
   params I need. (rest of week)
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