[SoC] matplotlib as a wxGUI dep [was: Weekly report #3 - GRASS Interactive Scatter Plot Tool]

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 13 18:14:09 PDT 2013

Michael wrote:
>>> Are you planning to use wxPlot for the scatterplot display? This
>>> provides a consistent graphical interface with the other plotting
>>> modules.

>> currently matplotlib [1] is used. The library provides events
>> [2], which allows you to find out where the user clicked. With this
>> information you are able to keep track of selected regions in a
>> scatter plot.

> OK. I originally wanted to use matplotlib because it is a much
> richer environment, but it was nixed by the dev team because it added
> a new dependency. If we start using it, it will make numerous,
> powerful analytical functions accessible.


fwiw I wouldn't mind matplotlib being around, since I already know the
Matlab plotting commands very well, and matplotlib is "not dissimilar".
But I've been quiet on pushing that since I'm sure there are other things
(java, C++, ruby, whatever) that other grass devs know well, but may not
be generally in line with the project's needs.  So "+0" from me.

I don't know much about PyPlot or how the wx profile tool is done, so I
can't really comment on the pros and cons. Just that
trunk/scripts/i.spectral/i.spectral.py would be a good test case
(currently uses gnuplot or d.linegraph).

Another idea is to replace the d.linegraph module with a python wrapper
function, and d.histogram too.

I would add that adding a dependency for the wxGUI is not adding the
dependency to GRASS, since GRASS can be built and run without the wxGUI.


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