[SoC] Fwd: [istSOS] GSoC - istSOS 2013 Weekly reports #6

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Wed Jul 31 03:17:16 PDT 2013

Here is the report from the 26th

Francesco "forget" to share it with GSOC list..

His mentor,

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Hi all

Work done in week 6

InsertObservation doesn't work yet: I have a not-validated XML and I don't
know why.

This week I didn't work so much at GSOC. I hope to catch up early next week
and  I would like to fix  IOResponse.py bug and to insert the first profile
type into database.

Also today I committed code and I began to fill in mid-term question sended
by Carol.

Work to be done in week 7

For the next week I’ve planned to
IOresponse bug fixing
make some test with profile's dataset.

Best regards


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