[SoC] GSoC 2014 - gvSIG-jexcel - weekly report #8

Manuel Madrid madridgarcia.manuel at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 11:38:56 PDT 2014

Hi all,

* What did I get done this week?

This week I focused on fixing the issue [1]. I have to say that, after 
spending a lot of time looking for the cause of the problem, it was a 
little bit embarrassing to discover that this was not a bug but my 
mistake. I was systematically giving a wrong input for the "Point" 
parameter: I was typing the original name of the columns instead of the 
name of the headers (first row).

The good news are that the spatial support is working fine so I'm happy 
after all.

* What do I plan on doing next week?

Next week I will focus on testing the multiple spreadsheet support, 
which is already implemented. I also plan to prepare the implementation 
of the writing support, which I will address the following week.

* Am I blocked on anything?

No, I'm not.


[1] https://redmine.gvsig.net/redmine/issues/2606

Project website: https://redmine.gvsig.net/redmine/projects/gvsig-jexcel

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