[SoC] GSOC Weekly Report #9 - PostGIS View Module for Cartaro

Naveen Panwar panwarnaveen9 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 03:51:45 PDT 2014


Please find the GSOC week #9 report as follow.

Report URL -

*Weekly Report (13th July to 19th July) -*

*Aim* - Implement the spatial filter functions for the module.

*Things, I have done this week*


   Changed the input WKT data to geometry_A in operation function.

   $geometry_where = "$operation(st_setsrid(:wkt,4326),

   Added a complex where clause to the query.

   $geometry_where, $args = array(':wkt' => $geometry_B_wkt_data) );
   - Completed the query function, also successfully tested it for
   - Removed unnecessary lines from the code.


   - We need to set the SRID as 4326 for input WKT geometry.

*Mentor Suggestions*

   - Use psql or pgadmin to have a look at the cartaro database and find
   out how the postgis field tables are structured and named.
   - Turn on the "Show the SQL query" setting under Structure > Views >

*Things to do next week*

   - Test the query function for the remaining operations like:
   ST_Intersects, ST_Covers etc..
   - Define the function "check_wkt_data()", as a part of error handling.

*Reference Modules/Files* -

   - postgis_views_handler_filter_geometry.inc

*Am I blocked on anything ?*


*Naveen Panwar*
IIIT-Hyderabad, India.

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