[SoC] GSOC'14- pgrouting weekly report 10:Refactor Current VRP Implementation into Generic Class Solver for pgRouting

Mukul priya mukul2047 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 19:30:04 PDT 2014

Hi All,

Here is my 10th weekly report :

*###  What did i do this week ?*
* I improved the optimizer further more (added one more move to it), 
however the optimizer currently gets stuck after obtaining a local minima 
so it will be interesting to observe how the moves switch between 
themselves and have a order for the moves so that local minima is avoided.  

*###   What will I be working on next week?*
* I will test the optimizer for some benchmark test cases [
was mentioned in the previous to do list so i will try it out this weekend.
* Will work towards further improvising the optimizer and also have a look 
at modifying the current implementation to solve CVRP without time windows.

*###  Did I meet with any stumbling blocks?*
* Not blocked on something but improving the optimizer is a very tricky 
task .

Link to weekly report : 

Link to code repository :


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