[SoC] Scalability for Big data processing, istSOS - Week #3

Luca Ambrosini luca_ambro94 at hotmail.it
Sun Jun 14 03:38:56 PDT 2015

*** Week 3 ***
What do i have completed this week ?
Reviewed last weeks work ,switched to more LTS versions and for documentation/compatilibity
Migrated from Vbox to VmWare 
Downgraded from ubuntu 15.04 to 14.04 
Downgraded from postgres 9.4 to 9.3.8
Analyzed pgpool methods and switched from pgpool master/slave to replication
What am I going to achieve for next week?
Wrote documentation/guide for pgpool/postgres installation and configuration
Start replication 
Is there any blocking issue?
At pgpool start i got an shmem_exit(1) error. I've wrote to pgpool mailing list and i waiting for some help in debugging.

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