[SoC] GSoC Last Report - QGIS Resource Sharing Plugin

Akbar Gumbira akbargumbira at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 09:42:30 PDT 2016

Hi All,

This is my last report of the GSoC project. I would like to thank Ale and
Anita as my mentors, Richard (esp. for allowing me to visit his hackerspace
in Denhaag and taking me to Indonesian restaurant :)), Tim, Martin, and
everyone from QGIS community.

*Brief Description*
The project idea is to make svg, symbol, and style sharing easier. The idea
of the implementation is changed (from the web service architecture to
distributed directory based repository system). Nevertheless, the aim of
the project is still the same.

*The state of the project before my GSoC*
There was not any tool that allows QGIS users to do this.

*The addition that your project brought to the software*
With this new plugin it's easier to share resources among QGIS users and
hopefully we will have rich collections (whether it's icons, svg, images)
to make cool maps.

*Links to access the relevant code and documentation for the user to get
started with testing your application.*
I put these in the slide, but I will write it again:

   - Slide: http://www.akbargumbira.com/slide_gsoc2016
   - Plugin VCS:  https://github.com/akbargumbira/qgis_resources_sharing
   - Plugin Test Repository:
   - Plugin Documentation:

I hope this slide is informative enough for people who don't follow the
project from the beginning: http://www.akbargumbira.com/slide_gsoc2016

Note that I haven't published the plugin to the plugin manager. Will do
later tonight or tomorrow.


*Akbar Gumbira *
*www.akbargumbira.com <http://www.akbargumbira.com>*
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