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Brendan Egan egan129129 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 11:05:41 PDT 2016

*The main aim of my project was to create a QuickStart for the Transitime
Application, transiTime is a real-time transit information system which
provides provide real-time arrival information such as "next bus is in 5
minutes". It does this by taking a GTFS static file and vehicle location
feed and using those produces predictions for stops in the form of GTFS
trip updates.-Before, the setup process of transiTime was very difficult
with little available documentation. Set up would require hours of a
person's time and most likely needed help from a member of the transiTime
developers  group.  It was one of the main barriers to using transiTime.
  -With the transitimeQuickStart I’ve created this summer, a user can have
a working installation of transiTime on their computer running from the
double click of an executable jar within a few minutes. Increasing ease of
use and allowing further adoption.To try out the
commit made by me:https://github.com/Egan109/core/commits/master
<https://github.com/Egan109/core/commits/master>All code produced for the
<https://github.com/Egan109/core/tree/master/transitimeQuickStart>Wiki page
with slide/images of transitime
up documentation produced during construction of code for future developers
to work on
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