[SoC] Implementing WPS for Geopaparazzi field data collection tool using ZOO-Project: Simplifying integration of field data and GIS

Niroshan Sanjaya nsanj88 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 09:56:51 PDT 2016

HI all,

Brief description of the idea

This project mainly focus on enhancing the capabilities of ZOO-Project by
providing JGrasstools functions as services. Secondly, focus on
implementing web-based platform for conversion of data from Geopaparazzi
and provide data as WFS for further use.

The state of the project as it was BEFORE your GSoC.

ZOO-Project supports several common programming languages in order to
connect to varies libraries, models and the Java bindings have not been
tested in advanced configurations. On the other hand JGrasstools has been
deployed for many desktop GIS and toolkits and it has been not used for web
services. Other side is Geopaparazzi is a standalone mobile app for field
data collection. It enables user to collect georeferenced field data. After
collect the data, we need to convert them for further use by using desktop
GIS applications. We should copy the data to computer and manually convert
them by using GIS application. For the conversion we need to use
applications like STAGE. Then we can use the data for further analysis.

The addition that your project brought to the software.

By providing JGrasstools as a service through ZOO-Project,  capabilities of
ZOO-Project will be increased, specially capabilities of Java in
ZOO-Project will be exposed. As a sample service from this, we develop a
service to convert data which collected by using Geopaparazzi.
Then, it can be done anywhere and it can be done by anybody without GIS

Add all the links

We have successfully integrated the Geotools with ZOO-Project. Through that
any type of Java functions which is available on Geotools can be
The instructions and codes can be found on the following link

We have implemented basic vector services by using Geotools and it has been
successfully integrated with  web UI. The codes are available here

Note: Some few things need to be added,  I am working on it and it will be
finished within this week.

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