[SoC] Add tests and educational games support to gvSIG Educa - Final report

Carlos I. Colombana carlos.colombana at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 18:55:52 PDT 2016

Add tests and educational games support to gvSIG Educa.

Final report:

My project focused on the development of addons which allows gvSIG to
create/play tests and educational games. The code was mainly developed in
Jython, an implementation of the Python programming language written in
Java, throw the scripting module of the gvSIG desktop 2.x branch.

Before the project gvSIG didn't have any built-ins or addons to create/play
tests or educational games, that wasn't possible.

Now, with the "TestCreatorAndPlayer" addon, it's possible to create/play
tests in gvSIG. Teachers can prepare the test easily in LibreOffice using
the "sample_test.ods" file, load it and set test's main attributes in
gvSIG throw "TestCreator" ("TC") addon's app, pack it with
gvSIG built-in scripting framework and finally share it with students.
Students can install the test in gvSIG throw built-in addons manager, login
and play it throw "Testplayer" ("TP") addon's app, and finally generate a
report in pdf format. If answers and points where included by teachers,
automatic correction is performed and feedback is given.
On the other hand, "GameCreatorAndPlayer" addon is pending, but i'll
continue working on the project after GSoC time. Most of the code of
"TestCreatorAndPlayer" addon is reusable, i think that maybe it will take
one more month to develop the "GameCreatorAndPlayer" addon.

Here is the link to project's respository. It contains the developed addon,
instructions and more:


Here is the link to some screenshots:

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