[SoC] Report 6 - OGC protocols support within OL3-Google-Maps

Samuel Lapointe samuellapointe at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 13:23:24 PDT 2016

Hello everyone, here’s my sixth report for the OL3-Google-Maps project.

Link to the library: https://github.com/mapgears/ol3-google-maps

Link to the website: http://mapgears.github.io/ol3-google-maps/

What did you get done this week?


   I learned how to use NPM to publish libraries, and I published
   ol3-google-maps on it. I had to do a minor release to fix something I had
   forgotten on the first version I published.

   Switched from JSHint to ESLint. This is because Openlayers 3 made the
   change, and the library is an add-on to Openlayers, so it makes sense we’d
   follow the same code standards.

   I started working on a task that was planned for later this summer:
   fixing text labels overlapping each other. We decided it had a higher
   priority over the tasks I was supposed to do next.

What do you plan on doing next week?


   I plan to work all week on finding a solution for text labels
   overlapping on markers in Google Maps. This bug happens because Google Maps
   places the text labels at a different layer than the markers, so setting
   the zIndex as we would do in OpenLayers is not an option.

Are you blocked on anything?



Have a nice week-end!
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