[SoC] Report 6 - QGIS Symbology Sharing Tools

Akbar Gumbira akbargumbira at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 06:01:30 PDT 2016


I made a video to show what I did this week: https://youtu.be/f9u3-uWDNm0

OOT a bit, I think we can extend the current Plugin Manager to also be able
to install a plugin directly from Git repositories. It could be useful in
the plugin development life cycle. For example in InaSAFE, before releasing
the plugin, it should be tested by users (which are not familiar with GIT
or 'copying' directly the plugin into their local qgis2 directory). One of
the solution is to publish that version of the plugin in other repository.
But I think it would be handy if we can enable users to install the latest
version of the plugin (if we know the GIT repository of the plugin) in the
Plugin Manager itself.

*What did you get done this week?*

   - Move collections cache into a pickle file
   - Downloading the collection nicely with Dulwich.

*What do you plan on doing next week?*

   - I will start working on importing the resources available in the
   collection in to QGIS. I will implement it using the same pattern like
   Repository Handler. The resource handler is a base class and there will be
   some resource handler classes based on its type (whether it's SVG or
   colorramp/symbol). I will focus on the SVG first since I still have some
   missing pieces to implement the colorramp/symbols one :)
   - I will make a doc site using documentup and start writing

*Are you blocked on anything?*


*Akbar Gumbira *
*www.akbargumbira.com <http://www.akbargumbira.com>*
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