[SoC] Report 7 - QGIS Symbology Sharing Tools

Akbar Gumbira akbargumbira at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 15:28:33 PDT 2016

Hi All,

This is the report for the 7th week of my GSoC project

*What did you get done this week?*

   - Implemented resources handler (base class and the SVG handler). This
   classes are responsible to import resources in to QGIS.
   - Did some refactoring
   - Set up documentation here: www.akbargumbira.com/qgis_symbology_sharing

*What do you plan on doing next week?*

   - FIx some issues (#8
   <https://github.com/akbargumbira/qgis_symbology_sharing/issues/8>, #9
   <https://github.com/akbargumbira/qgis_symbology_sharing/issues/9>) and
   minor stuffs (filter collections to only show collections compatible with
   user's QGIS version)
   - Step back and think again about the approach to import resources in to
   QGIS since I think the current approach won't work if we want all the
   resources in the collection to link correctly before and after
   installation. Before installation is when user prepares the collection
   (SVG, styles, and symbols) before pushing to the repository. After
   installation is when users install the collection through the plugin after
   the author shares the collection.

*Are you blocked on anything?*
I am blocked on:

   - How to import symbol and colorramp in to QGIS (was thinking to create
   a group for a collection, a child group for each xml file in a collection,
   and put all the symbols and colorramps in the child group in Style
   Manager). But the name of the symbol must be unique no matter what the
   group is (This is set as the constraint of the symbology-ng-style.db
   - Haven't figured out a way for the resources to link each other
   correctl (2nd point for what I will do next week). The problem is, when
   user sets up a collection (put SVG, create symbols and styles for that
   SVGs, and push to the repository), the symbols/styles that use that SVGs
   might use absolute path. If it's possible, I need to make it use relative
   path and ensure that before and after installation, the relative path works.

There is also a bug I believe in the QGIS for importing symbols and
colorramps from the xml file and directly save in the group (it doesn't add
the imported symbols/colorramps to the group).

Other things in Style Manager that is not intuitive right now:

   - Deleting a parent group doesn't delete child group(s)
   - Selecting a parent group doesn't show all the items from the child



*Akbar Gumbira *
*www.akbargumbira.com <http://www.akbargumbira.com>*
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