[SoC] Report 8 - istSOS Android Client

Florin-Daniel Cioloboc cioloboc.florin at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 09:32:34 PDT 2016

Hey everyone,

*What did you get done this week?*
Wrapped up the Java Core by implementing the remaining methods. As a
result, the class structure has been reconfigured compared to previous
plans, therefore some features were removed as they were not deemed
necessary, while others got some improvements. This helped maintain a
cleaner structure.

I've managed to write some tests, write a proper README, opened up a wiki
for showing examples how to use the Java core.

*What do you plan on doing next week?*

I'll have a discussion with my mentors and see how to proceed to the next
phase. Other than that, I'll add more documentation, improve the wiki, bug
fixing if necessary.

Investigate how to adapt the library for Android part.

*Are you blocked on anything?*

Not at the moment.

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