[SoC] Report 9 - istSOS Web API

Luka Glusica luka.glusica89 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 15:16:44 PDT 2016

Hello everyone,

The second part of my job is to develop *JavaScript Framework, *which
enable creation of feature rich Web widgets, that will allow
developers/users to easily implement istSOS funcitonalities and publish
istSOS data within their own Web applications.

*What did you get done this week?*

This week, I finished with the implementation of Map creator tool. Of
course, further improvements will be made along the way, but the main
functionality is covered and tested. I also started with the implementation
of a Box creator tool. Also I've been updating and fixing the istsos core
library with some changes regarding the getObservations method and
compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 11. All variations of
getObservations method can now pass multiple procedures as parameter. Code
can be checked at following links:

istSOS core - GitHub repository

istSOS Web Widget Creator - GitHub repository

*What do you plan on doing next week?*

Next week, I plan to improve Map creator tool with some styling settings
and to  finish the Box creator tool. Also, I will be taking a closer look
at VistSOS - Data visualization framework
<https://github.com/felipe07/VistSOS-1> project and hopefully start
integrating it as a Chart creator tool. Also, I'm kinda slow with the
documentation updates, so I will be focusing on that also starting tomorrow.

*Are you blocked on anything?*

Currently, everything is fine.

Best regards,
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