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Please find below  Final Report of Google Summer of Code 2018
of Support
for WFS Project.

NASA-ESA WebWorldWind; Support for WFS Project

   - Author : Garima Natani
   - Mentor 1 : Jakub Balhar
   - Mentor 2 : Gabriele Prestifilippo
   - Organization : OSGeo <http://www.osgeo.org/>, NASA WorldWind


OGC Web Feature Service allows a client to retrieve and update geospatial
data encoded in Geography Markup Language (GML) from multiple Web Feature
Services. WFS Server supports various operations like 'Get Feature',
'Describe Feature Type', 'Lock Feature' and 'Transaction' Operations.

Transaction operation is an optional operation which allows the feature
instances and their properties to be updated or deleted and it can also be
used to insert new features. Each transaction will consist of zero or more
Insert, Update, and Delete elements, with each transaction element
performed in order. The Transaction operation request will contain
transformation operations like Create, Update and Delete and web accessible
feature instances in which operations need to be applied. When the
transaction will complete, a web feature service will generate an XML
response document indicating the completion status of the transaction.

In this project, classes are created which supports Web Feature
Service[WFS] operation like 'Get Capability', 'Get Feature' and
'Transaction' Operation by using WFS standard request and response. It also
supports parsing of response and creation of Create, Update and Delete
requests of the transaction operation by providing shapes as an object.
state of the art before GSoC2018

Web WorldWind is a free, open-source virtual globe for web pages. Written
in JavaScript, Web WorldWind enables web page and application builders to
quickly create interactive visualizations of geographic information on an
interactive 3D globe or 2D map. Web WorldWind provides an API that enables
JavaScript programs to control every detail of visualization and
interaction. This can be Used to embed a globe in a web page or create
various application. Web WorldWind runs on all major operating systems,
desktop and mobile devices, and web browsers.

Web World wind provides facility to display and interact with data. It
provides interactive features such as shapes and paths, as well as standard
protocols developed by the OGC (Web Coverage Service, Web Map Service).
Before GSoC 2018, Web Feature Service and its operations were not supported.
addition that my project brought to the software.

   - With the code that I created, 'Get Capability' operation request and
   response parsing of Web Feature Service can be done for versions 1.0.0,
   1.1.0 and 2.0.0
   - With the Code that I created, now it is possible to use 'Get Feature'
   and 'Transaction' operations of Web Feature Service, as parsing of response
   is supported
   - Creation, updation and deletion operation of the Transaction operation
   request XML can be created on providing shapes, schema and feature type as
   - After selecting feature from the feature list, Vector Layer features
   can be displayed on the 3D Globe or map

through this project:

Following classes are created
Class NameDescriptionKarma Test file
class takes 'Get Capability' response XML and parsed all elements. Version
1.0.0 1.1.0 and 2.0.0 of 'Get Capability' response parsing is supported.
This file covers test cases of various scenario like parsing different
versions and different elements of the response.
class takes 'Get Feature' operation response XML as a input and parse
various elements. getFeature.test.js
 This file covers test cases of different type of 'Get Feature' response
(Multipolygon, Multisurface) and testing of various elements of request
class is used to parse transaction operation response wfsTransaction.test.js
This file covers tests for the transaction response parsing
class is used to create element of insert request for transaction operation
It covers test cases for creating insert XML. It takes shape, schema and
the feature to be modified
class is used to create update request for transaction operation
class is used to create delete request for transaction operation
class take shape as an input and return its type and coordinates.
This file covers tests for shape to type and coordinate conversion.
create 'Get Capability' request and then parse response It is used by other
is the example of 'Get Feature' layer display on the globe
HTML file used to display 'Get feature' Layer response on globe
and Wfs <https://github.com/GarimaNatani/WebWorldWind/tree/develop/apps/Wfs> On
passing web feature server Url, it displays list of features supported by
that server. On selecting a particular feature from the list it creates
'Get Feature' Url and will send to request to server. 'Get Feature'
Response will be parsed and displayed on the 3D Globe. Wfs.html
<https://github.com/GarimaNatani/WebWorldWind/blob/develop/apps/Wfs.html> File
to test 'Get Feature' request builder and display its response on the globe
or map
class is used used to build 'Get Feature' request Url buildUrl.test.js
 Test for 'Get Feature' URL builder
files are also updated

   - WorldWindow.js
   - karma.conf.js
   configuration update)

are sample xml used for testing

   - GetCapabilities response(1.0.0)
   - GetCapabilities response(1.1.0)
   - GetCapabilities response(2.0.0)
   - wfsGetFeature response1
   - WfsGetFeature response2
   - WfsGetFeature response3
   - Transaction response

to commit history

All the changes made by me during GSoC 2018 can be followed through the
below link, which redirects to commit history. Commit History
to Wiki
 and Repository <https://github.com/GarimaNatani/WebWorldWind>

Classes are created that can create a request by passing shape as the
object. To improve functionality shape object can be passed by drawing
shape on the globe.

Below Operations of WFS can be implemented by drawing a shape on the globe.

   - GetPropertyValue
   - GetFeatureWithLock
   - CreateStoredQuery
   - DropStoredQuery
   - ListStoredQueries
   - DescribeStoredQueries

Garima Natani
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