[SoC] Application For The Google Summer Of Code programme

Mukund Srinivas mukundsrinivasb at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 27 09:49:45 PST 2018

Hello Sir ,
I am a First Year student and my name is Mukund Srinivas , pursuing masters in remote sensing , as a teenager in high school  I started using linux and since that time , open source has always been my fascination.
This being my first time applying for the google summer of code , i am looking for a project that is based on machine learning , be it regression or classification , I think that ML is the way ahead , epecially in solving realtime problems like traffic and urban space management.
I am curently playing around wiht static spatial data on R and python and trying out mostly classification problems , at times likes these those coursera certificates of mine come in handy.
The idea of developing for an organizatin like osgeo is truly inspiring , I have been using the hydrology algorithms in QGIS , and these are way more flexible and versatile than their Arc-GIS counterparts.
Hoping to hear from you,
Yours Faithfully,
Mukund Srinivas

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